Greater Bandwidth Efficiency with WAN Load Balancing

>  WAN Load Balancing
The corporate WAN is an essential part of daily business operations for many organizations. It plays a key role in corporate teamwork and communication, and offers external access to corporate resources. WAN Load Balancing helps business build a reliable and fast Internet connectivity in a cost-effective way by utilizing multiple Internet links or, in some cases, hybrid links, and it is transport agnostic, either private or public.

The solution also helps enterprises achieve higher bandwidth capacity and greater WAN efficiency. A variety of algorithms provided by the Q-Balancer will find the most active and responsive link when new requests arise. The feature intelligently aggregates multiple Internet connections to speed up the application delivery.

The ability to harness legacy and newly added WAN links enables enterprises to incrementally add bandwidth as the business grows. The inbuilt path-monitoring constantly gauges the status of all WAN links. Based on the measured result and the selected algorithm, WAN load balancing efficiently distributes traffic across available paths. Accelerated access and network continuity can be achieved as best performing and least-loaded links are always selected when new requests come up. WAN load balancing enables business customers to enjoy enterprise-grade WAN without expensive network upgrade.

Protecting Enterprise Network against WAN Outages

>  WAN Failover
Network downtime means user frustration, lost productivity and decreased revenue. Even a short interruption can have significant impacts – disrupting VoIP calls, application sessions, virtual desktop sessions, data backups, large file transfers, and other key activities. 
Our job is to make business networks run better, and the WAN Failover helps customers create networks that never fail.

By deploying automatic failover and leveraging multiple WAN links, which range from MPLS, lower cost broadband, cable, satellite, microwave or cellular 4G/LTE, the uptime for business networks is guaranteed. Through constantly monitors all WAN links, WAN Failover is able to mark bad links as inactive and remove them temporarily; traffic will be sent across healthy links instead. The mechanism will continue to monitor and mark the links back active once the it is restored.

WAN Failover ensures uninterrupted Internet connectivity in almost every situation; it is able to automatically route traffic down the remaining active links in the event of WAN outage, and even take the responsive paths when the network brownout occurs.

Top Benefits

  • Increased network performance

  • Minimal downtime with WAN redundancy

  • Increased WAN scalability

  • Improved productivity

  • Cost saving by leveraging low-cost broadband technologies