Q-Balancer Mesh
Q-Balancer 150
Q-Balancer 300D
Q-Balancer 300
Q-Balancer 500
Q-Balancer 2000

Problems to be solved:
>  Single point of failure
>  Bandwidth Capacity

>  Scalability

The inbuilt technology of VPN load balancing is designed to enhance VPN connectivity and reliability. It provides a faster, more reliable and secure connectivity for all online activities from browsing, video streaming, to large file transfers. The setting of VPN bonding on Q-Balancer can be completed in a minimal effort, and even auto-provisioned.

Solution: Automated VPN Failover
>  Adding Q-Balancer appliances and low-cost broadband connections at both ends.
>  Diverting VPN traffic to the remaining active path in case link outages occur.