Keeping Corporate Applications Available
Addressing Network Scalability Requirements
Bandwidth Limit Becomes History
Unbreakable Business Continuity

Why Q-Balancer

>  Unbreakable Continuity
Our customers enjoy rock-solid connectivity since the day the Q-Balancer solutions have been deployed.

>  Bandwidth Boundary Becomes History
Speed can be increased as needed through our Q-Balancer bandwidth bonding technology.

>  Advanced Features
Apart from protecting network continuity, our solution is incorporated with advanced network features, which allow IT administrators to take full control over their networks.

>  Cost Saving
Downtime leads to a lot of economic damages to business as it directly causes loss on sales revenue. However, don't try to save money by spending more. Our solution helps enterprises protect WAN continuity against outages, and delivers customers instant ROI (return on investment).

>  Scalability
Our customers are free to expand their networks because our solutions come with flexible throughput upgrade, and the capacity to support WAN links and branch networks as many as needed.

>  Experience
We have successfully deployed thousands of Q-Balancer units in more than 20 countries through strong cooperation with channel partners since the inception.

>  Reliability and Stability
One of our missions is to ensure network reliability for enterprises. To achieve that, we have designed our Q-Balancer product based on a robust hardware platform.

>  Responsive Support
We love to work with our partners and help them get the deals, which creates a win-win situation.

>  Keep Moving Forward
We love to hear suggestions from you. With your precious suggestions or ideas, we bring the Q-Balancer solutions to next level and meet customers' needs in all respects.

>  Free Trial
We offer you free-of-charge license to conduct a PoC (Proof of Concept), product training, and demonstration to customers.

>  Hassle-Free
Adding an additional device to your network can be troublesome sometimes. But don't worry... the Q-Balancer appliance can become part of your network without hassle.