Rugged Mobile Router with LTE and Wi-Fi for Vehicles

The Q-Balancer Transport Router is an In-vehicles multi-carrier gateway for Internet access. The appliance can be connected with 4G LTE and Wi-Fi with the functions of link resiliency and aggregation, as well as advanced network security mechanisms and an extensive temperature operating range. Based on a rugged hardware design, it is fully protected against vibrations, dust and power, specific mobile software, dynamic configurations (for positioning and quality of communication) and delayed power off. Moreover it’s easily integrated into any third party management tool. 

Rugged Hardware

The Q-Balancer Transport Router is equipped with a terminal block for secure installation in cars and other locations. The hardware is designed and exhaustively tested to withstand vibrations, power surges, and extensive temperature range. This will minimize maintenance costs and service drops. Along with metal enclosure, the Q-Balancer Transport Router is compliant with MIL-STD-810F vibration and shock resistance.

Inbuilt Industrial 4G LTE Modems

With industrial 4G LTE modems inbuilt, vehicles are assured to be connected via different carriers for maximum availability and continuity.

Uninterrupted Application Continuity

The Q-Balancer Transport Router simultaneously utilizes all available wireless links, optimizing coverage areas while your vehicles are on the move. This provides a great user experience where you can enjoy an uninterrupted access to critical services in the cloud even if some of the links went down.

Cellular Bandwidth Bonding

For the critical applications such as POS, ERP, and VoIP XBond offers accelerated data transmission on bonded 4G lines while the vehicles are on the move. The vehicles stay connected in the event of link failure by utilizing 4G lines from multiple carriers.

Embedded GPS

The appliance is incorporated with a GPS (accessible via a TCP port), which can be full integration of third parties and provides real-time geo-location data in NMEA format.

Inbuilt Wi-Fi

The 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi inbuilt modules increase the Wi-Fi service capacity for high density environments. Moreover, the module can be selected to act as a role of client or AP.

Enterprise-Level Features

The Q-Balancer Mesh comes with all-in-one enterprise-level features although it is designed for remote and branch offices. Your business is well-protected everywhere.