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>  Q-Balancer Virtual Appliance
The Q-Balancer Virtual Appliance is a software platform that brings low cost, increased capacity, high- reliability and improved application performance benefits to enterprise WAN, running on hypervisor and cloud platforms from VMware. With the virtual Q-Balancer appliance, you can establish connectivity between cloud servers and local devices with combined speed of all available WAN links. Running within a commoditized server, or service chained with other network services, the Q-Balancer virtual appliance provides great flexibility in WAN design and deployment. The Q-Balancer virtual appliance can be combined with other cloud appliances to deliver a comprehensive SD-WAN fabric for any organization.

Bandwidth Bonding– The deployment of virtual Q-Balancer in the cloud enables customers to combine connections of any type from multiple service providers to create a highly available connection between the user devices at customer premise and the servers in the cloud. Plus, this connection will come with unbreakable connectivity.

Flexibility– To meet the growing demand, the virtual Q-Balancer appliance supports performance levels from 2 to 20 Gbps via software license upgrade. Upgrading the virtual Q-Balancer appliance to desired performance level is simple and fast.

Agility– As a software solution, the virtual Q-Balancer can be quickly downloaded, installed and configured to meet today’s dynamic business requirements.

Options for Deployment– With the virtual Q-Balancer, enterprises can optionally extend their SD-WAN fabric in local datacenter or public cloud without needing new hardware.

Top Benefits

  • Reduced hardware costs

  • Faster provisioning and deployment

  • Greatly improved disaster recovery

  • Significant electrical power consumption

  • Increased productivity