VoIP Resiliency

For the business with multiple offices, calls are required between two or more offices within a business. In addition, the calls are likely going between international offices. Small and medium sized enterprises (SME) are paying premium prices for their long-distance calls as they do not have the significant bargaining power to get the most attractive telephony rates.

VoIP is a perfect solution to the business with multiple offices. Your teams can easily communicate with the people at other branches through data network by dialing the extension numbers as if they were geographically at the same office. This significantly brings down the cost of telephone communication between offices at different locations as the VoIP is leveraging the data network rather than PSTN. However, the data networks have to be reliable and cost effective.

VoIP Resilience 

In VoIP network illustrated above, Multi-Path VPN (MPV) tunnels are terminated on Q-Balancer at both ends, and VoIP traffic will be sent down MPV lines with No NAT. In the event of link failure Q-Balancer is able to instantly and seamlessly failover VoIP traffic to remaining active MPV links. This offers increased reliability and nearly 100% uptime for VoIP Communications.

Increased Bandwidth

By using technology of VoIP Bonding, Q-Balancer distributes VoIP traffic down to multiple MPV lines to highly utilize the available bandwidth. For the business where the number of users will be online at the same time, this is also useful as Q-Balancer handles load sharing for VoIP traffic.

Improved Quality

The Quality of Service (QoS) of Q-Balancer is able to prioritize VoIP traffic. QoS is able to guarantee a bandwidth for VoIP while other applications or protocols are consuming bandwidth at the same time. This function is very handy when you max out VoIP connection. You can allow other applications or protocols to have bandwidth without taking down the VoIP traffic. For example, the QoS will allow a full speed download via FTP without causing jittering on a VOIP chat. The FTP will slow down slightly as bandwidth is needed for the VOIP, provided VOIP was given greater priority.