Enhancement for Hosted Services

Highly reliable and available Internet connection has become a necessary facility for business as most applications and services are severed through the internet. Rather than host the server on the cloud, businesses usually host servers at their own premises. Services like Mail, Web, or other applications that serve numerous incoming requests are often important to business and can cause major issue should they fail.

Often these services can be offline due to either link failure or insufficient bandwidth when dealing with external requests. The potential customers can easily give up checking company websites with a single click as either poor link connectivity or link failure arises.

Enhanced Serviceability

The serviceability of hosted server is no longer confined by failure or poor quality of ISP connections because Q-Balancer intelligently distributes incoming requests to hosted servers to active or least-loaded WAN links. This assures accessibility to hosted servers nearly 100% uptime. 

Increased Uplink Speed

Uplink speed is crucial for the business hosting servers. However ADSL uplink is usually limited at less than 2Mbps. Q-Balancer helps business highly utilize bandwidth by distributing incoming requests over multiple WAN links.

Dynamic IP Supported

With only a static IP for multiple WAN connections, Q-Balancer is still able to handle Inbound Load Balancing. DNS query request is sent to Q-Balancer and IP address is resolved based on status of available WAN lines, regardless the WAN lines are on static or dynamic IP addresses.