Business Continuity

One of major functions of Q-Balancer is to assure the continuity of Internet connection for business. Quality Internet access is now considered one of basic requirements in business today. If the Internet connection is unable to provide the reliability required, this can severely impact the reputation of business, not to mention productivity of employees during the downtime. 

Risk-Free Installation

The impact of installation is minimal as Q-Balancer can be deployed transparently into an existing network to failover and load balance traffic without changing the legacy IP setting of network. As the Q-Balancer works in a Bridge mode, it does not affect the ARP and MAC of existing equipment before or after the installation. When you install other companies’ equipment, you have to check the ARP and MAC addresses of the Gateway equipment, including a Router and L3 switch. As the Q-Balancer restricts load balancing to lines with the packets where load balancing is set up, among the packets going to the Internet from inside, it does not affect the internal network at all. 

Transparent Failover

The Q-Balancer continuously monitors the status of each internet connection for both physical and network connectivity problems. In the event that one of WAN links fail, all new traffic will be routed down the remaining active links.

Most applications (especially TCP based) will attempt to re-transmit the packet of data, and thus the Q-Balancer will send again down an active link. As packets are not sent to the line with a failure, the internal host cannot notice the failure. When the malfunctioning line is recovered, packets are sent normally.

Multiple Internet Connections

Adding more than one Internet connection or even more types of connections into your premise helps you build the highly available connectivity for your network. By combining multiple Internet connections from various independent ISPs, you get increased bandwidth and achieve nearly 100% uptime.  

High Availability

Deploying an infrastructure of High Availability provides instant automatic device failover in the event of hardware failure on primary device. This is also to reduce the possibility of single point of failure from unpredictable events such as power failure other than WAN failure.The planned downtime will not affect business continuity as each device can work independently from the other.