MPLS Replacement & Enhancement

Building a Resilient Private Network

The private network access such as MPLS network technology delivers data with exceptionally low latency and packet loss. This makes MPLS service ideal for performance-sensitive applications like videoconferencing, VoIP and VPN. However, the service level agreements offered by MPLS providers often limit the liability in case of link downtime. Thus, the organizations that require 100% uptime will need additional independent links for redundancy to mitigate the business risks of downtime. In addition, the cost of MPLS link is typically higher than plain ISP connection such as ADSL and Cable, and MPLS network might not be available everywhere.  

Transparent Failover

Q-Balancer can be deployed transparently into an existing MPLS network to failover and load balance traffic without changing the legacy IP setting of network. You get link resiliency and increased bandwidth without taking any risk on the installation.  


Q-Balancer performs link healthcheck for all connections in a MPLS network. The continuity of network can be assured as Q-Balancer automatically re-routes traffic to the remaining active line in the event of link failure. 

More Bandwidth 

Q-Balancer aggregates multiple MPLS lines to create a single virtual connection, which provides maximum upload and download bandwidth capacity for inter-site connectivity.  

Bandwidth Control 

You have more control over bandwidth, Internet connections, host, and applications as Q-Balancer comes with QoS function. Network congestion and the impact of non-business applications on mission-critical traffic can be significantly reduced.  

ISP Independent 

By applying Q-Balancer, customers have options to choose MPLS providers whenever and wherever necessary. 

Cost Saving 

MPLS or Leased Line can even be replaced by using Q-Balancer with multiple business-class DSL or cable internet services. This brings you a substantial saving without compromising the quality.