Link Bonding

For transmission in business world today, large files and bandwidth-intensive applications are gaining popularity. DSL and Cable broadband provide good value but have inherent limitations. High-speed private leased circuit provides good quality, but it’s not affordable for many businesses. There’s a gap in the market.

As an Internet Service Provider, what is the alternative when your customers want high speed links at low cost from you? Q-Balancer hopes to fill that gap with the technology called Link Bonding, which is a cost-effective alternative to expensive leased-lines. It combines several broadband connections into one single high-speed connection. It multiplies the bandwidth speed of a single connection – for uploads as well as downloads – as well as substantially improved resilience, without costing a fortune.

The Link Bonding of Q-Balancer provides business customers with benefits as follows:

  • Increased uplink and downlink speed
  • Improved resilience as there will be multiple DSL lines instead of single leased line
  • The ability to incrementally add additional WAN link as business grows
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Providing enough bandwidth for large files transmission without upgrading network