Wireless Internet Service Provider

Wireless Internet Service is used to be deployed in rural environments where cable and digital subscriber lines are not available. Nowadays, almost every big city in the world has contemplated adding wireless Internet access to their portfolio of economic development tools to generate jobs and attract corporations to their cities and towns. It provides the advantages to customers such as rapid deployment, cost effective, fast Internet Access, and ubiquitous coverage.

Apart from coverage, Wireless Internet Service Providers have a few challenges to meet in the business model. They are:

  • 100% network availability
  • Good Internet speed and bandwidth

However, these challenges above have to be met at a competitively low price. What can a provider do to reduce operating cost while maintaining quality of service? Q-Balancer meets the challenges above and delivers high quality Internet service in Wi-Fi access environments.

Multi-WAN support- the expensive leased line can be replaced by applying multiple low-cost DSL and cable connections.

Outbound Load Balancing- this increases the network availability by applying multiple Internet connections for Internet backhauls.

Transparent Failover- users will not be affected when the primary link goes down and reinstates.

Bridge Mode- there is nearly no downtime when installing and removing Q-Balancer as it can be transparently deployed without changing the legacy network