In order to meet the satisfaction of passengers, public transportation gets to realize that they need to enhance rather than just provide the internet access. Moreover, in-vehicle surveillance is one of critical applications to be assign enough bandwidth while offering internet access to passengers.

The cellular connection can be the most suitable choice for public transportation to offer internet access to passengers. However, cellular network does not provide guaranteed bandwidth. On the contrary, its bandwidth fluctuates frequently and enormously. The available bandwidth varies from one cell tower to the next depending on the number of devices connected, and the Internet backhaul of the cell tower. The accessibility offered by mobile providers also varies with coverage area.


The Q-Balancer Mesh Series that is equipped with multiple HSPA modules can meet the requirement for the internet access on board. The Q-Balancer Mesh keeps monitoring and status of cellular connections and automatically failover IP traffic to remaining active cellular connections based on the bandwidth availability and quality. This is to provide the most reliable and available internet connectivity. With Q-Balancer Mesh deployed on board, passengers enjoy resilient and accelerated Internet access. Staffs and passengers on public transportation and applications like in-vehicle surveillance, ticket system, video surveillance, real-time GPS fleet tracking, and up-to-the-minute news, weather, and traffic conditions can also share or be assigned enough bandwidth.

Resilience and Reliability – Enhance the accessibility when vehicles are moving among coverage areas for mobile providers.

Accelerated Internet Access – Highly utilize the bandwidth by sending IP traffic across multiple cellular connections

Traffic Management – There are still critical applications on board to be guaranteed good amount of bandwidth