Small and Medium Size Business

As a small and medium size business (SME), efficiency and productivity are the keys to making sure your business remains competitive. Sticking to your IT budget is one way to remain cost-efficient, but what happens when your demands change - do you need to spend more just to keep up?

When you suddenly have a big project on, can your IT system cope? Or does it become overloaded, slow and even fail when you need it most? Clearly, this does nothing for productivity or efficiency.

Keeping ahead of your data needs, however much they fluctuate can be straightforward. Whatever your budget, Q-Balancer can transform your IT operations by working with you to develop a complete data solution that operates alongside your existing network.

By adding a Q-Balancer, your business will no longer suffer from slow loading applications, delayed data transfer and downtime. Using multiple internet connections means that your data not only moves really fast - through combined bandwidths - but it never gets stuck.

Q-Balancer makes use of every internet connection available to it, and even if there's a problem with one of them, the others keep going. There's no delay or loss of data - in fact, it's so immediate, that if it wasn't for the alert email we send you, you wouldn't know anything had happened. And once it's up and running again, Q-Balancer will automatically re-route everything - of course sending you another update.

Creek Q-Balancer provides SME with the solutions:

  • Resilience and Reliability Eliminate single point of failure and provides near 100% uptime for your Internet and Intranet access.
  • Accelerated Internet Access - Fully utilize the bandwidth by combining the bandwidth of multiple Internet connections to achieve high Internet speeds.
  • Enhanced Serviceability - Make the hosted services accessible and near 100% uptime.
  • Traffic Management - Guarantee bandwidth for mission-critical applications and important users, and reduce bandwidth abuses and mindless bandwidth upgrade.
  • VPN Optimization - Offer resilience and accelerated access for mission-critical applications over VPN network.