Large Organization

As an IT Manager in a large organization where employees work from home or anywhere in the world, videoconferencing or VoIP helps your organization to communicate. Besides, it's very likely that data is the critical factor for success. To reduce the downtime caused by Internet disruption, applying extra WAN links might be a solution. Deploying multiple WAN links generates some other issues although it allows business to be able to have a backup plan as the primary link fails. In addition, the WAN links need to be utilized efficiently through proper management as the redundant links stay idle means that the money is wasted.

Given these reasons, providing 100% uptime and sufficient bandwidth at reasonable cost for business is an important task for IT Manger. Introducing a Q-Balancer solution to your business means that each of your remote sites and operators can benefit from a fast internet service, quick downloads and superior voice and videoconferencing connections – with no stalling or jitter. 

Using the multiple Internet connections available with Q-Balancer means that your business will no longer suffer from slow loading applications, delayed data transfer and downtime. Q-Balancer enhances reliability and performance of the existing network you have and transforms the online working experience of each of your employees.

Creek Q-Balancer provides Enterprise with the solutions:

Business Continuity – Keep your business always connected to the world

Resilience and Reliability – Eliminate single point of failure and provides near 100% uptime for your network 

Accelerated Internet Access – Accelerate network applications by combining the bandwidth of multiple Internet connections

Enhanced Serviceability – Make the hosted services accessible and near 100% uptime

Traffic Management – Guarantee bandwidth for mission-critical applications and important users, and reduce bandwidth abuses and mindless bandwidth upgrade

VPN Optimization – Offer resilience and accelerated access for mission-critical applications over VPN or MPLS network

Scalability – Allow business to increase the bandwidth incrementally with minimal upfront investment