Public Sector

Maintaining a fine balance between cost control and efficient, secure Internet access is a key challenge for government departments and agencies. Our Q-Balancer solutions are not only cost-effective, but are highly scalable too. So, no matter how your needs change, one thing that won't is the reliability of your Internet connection.

  • The IT Department faces the challenges below:Reduces downtime to make government operations more efficient.
  • Enables online services and network applications to operate fast and securely via resilient ISP connections.

As an IT Administrator in Government Sector, using the multiple Internet connections available with Q-Balancer means that your organization will no longer suffer from slow loading applications, delayed data transfer and downtime.

Q-Balancer provides Public Sector with the solutions:

  • Business Continuity – Connect the government staffs to people.
  • Resilience and Reliability - Eliminate single point of failure and provides near 100% uptime for your network.
  • Accelerated Internet Access – Accelerate network applications by combining the bandwidth of multiple Internet connections.
  • Enhanced Serviceability - Make the government online services and public information always accessible and near 100% uptime.
  • Traffic Management - Guarantee bandwidth for mission-critical applications and important users, and reduce bandwidth abuses and mindless bandwidth upgrade.
  • VPN Optimization - Offer resilience and accelerated access for mission-critical applications over VPN, MPLS or private network.
  • Scalability – Allow your organization to increase the bandwidth incrementally with minimal upfront investment.