For the Laboratory industry, remote and mobile station is often set up in the mountain, seashore, or island, where ADSL line is possibly unavailable. However, most of them need to connect back to the main laboratory for data transmission and, if necessary, communication although the Internet access is possibly unavailable and maintain. To provide reliable and sufficient Internet access is an important task for IT.


By using Q-Balancer with multiple cellular connections, the Internet access for the data transmission can always stay connected as Q-Balancer failovers and balances the traffic. The expense can be significantly reduced as the demand to send out IT staff on site for troubleshooting is no longer there.Q-Balancer provides Remote and Mobile Work Station with:

Continuity – Keep the connection back to the laboratory always up

Resilience – Multiple carriers of cellular connections can be deployed, so as to reduce the possibility of single point of failure

Facilitating Remote Maintenance – Remote maintenance can easily be done via IP network

Cost Reduction - Limit travel and staff expense, and no VSAT needed