Small and Medium Size Business 

As a small and medium size business (SME), efficiency and productivity are the keys to making sure your business remains competitive. Sticking to your IT budget is one way to remain cost-efficient, but what happens when your demands change - do you need to spend more just to keep up? When you suddenly have a big project on, can your IT system cope? Or does it become overloaded, slow and even fail when you need it most? Clearly, this does nothing for productivity or efficiency.

By adding a Q-Balancer, your business will no longer suffer from slow loading applications, delayed data transfer and downtime. Using multiple internet connections means that your data not only moves really fast - through combined bandwidths - but it never gets stuck. 

Service Provider 

For the transmission in business world today, large files and bandwidth-intensive applications are gaining popularity. DSL and Cable broadband provide good value but have inherent limitations. High-speed private leased circuit provides good quality, but it’s not affordable for many businesses. There’s a gap on the market.

As a Service Provider, what is the alternative or better solution when your customers want high speed links at low cost from you?   Q-Balancer hopes to fill that gap with the technology called DSL Bonding, which is a cost-effective alternative to expensive leased-lines. The solution DSL Bonding is the ability to combine 2 or more Internet connections and utilize them as a single connection to gain the benefit of increased bandwidth for Internet downloads and uploads. For example, 3*2Mbps Internet connections would provide 6Mbps of bandwidth by using Q-Balancer to aggregate the links. The increased bandwidth equals to the sum of the separate connections.

Bonding for the connections with different speed can also be achieved, e.g., 2*2Mbps Internet connection and 1*4Mbps Internet connection would achieve a total bandwidth speed of 8Mbps. 

Public Sector

Maintaining a fine balance between cost control and efficient, secure Internet access is a key challenge for government departments and agencies. Our Q-Balancer solutions are not only cost-effective, but are highly scalable too. So, no matter how your needs change, one thing that won't is the reliability of your Internet connection. 

  • The IT Department faces the challenges below:Reduces downtime to make government operations more efficient.
  • Enables online services and network applications to operate fast and securely via resilient ISP connections.

As an IT Administrator in Government Sector, using the multiple Internet connections available with Q-Balancer means that your organization will no longer suffer from slow loading applications, delayed data transfer and downtime. 

Mobile Applications

Now 3G networks enable network operators to offer users a wider range of more advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through improved spectral efficiency. Services include wide-area wireless voice telephone, video calls, and broadband wireless data, all in a mobile environment.

3G is readily available and has become the best secondary connection for business and mobile users who demand higher bandwidth and higher Internet reliability. Mobile professionals in remote branch offices, transportation, military, marine industries, etc can simply add the additional 3G connections along with their current VSAT connection for load balancing and redundancy.