Multi-WAN Internet & VPN Load Balancer for Enterprises

Businesses face the growing need for increased WAN bandwidth for their headquarters and branch offices. Integrating low-cost technologies such as DSL, Cable and LTE into a seamless WAN seems to be common in business networks. Yet, it also comes with complexibilities. To keep business stay ahead, business IT has to be constantly evolving as they are still being challenged to:

  • Provide redundant and reliable Internet connectivity
  • Provide cost-effective and reliable VPN access
  • Provide sufficient bandwidth to assure application performance
  • Ensure access of internal application servers for external requests

The Q-Balancer LB transform inexpensive broadband Internet into an enterprise grade secure WAN. The appliance offers assured performance for business-critical cloud applications to enterprise as it is harnessing the private and public cloud. The link performance is achieved with its intelligent algorithm, which makes good use of all available WAN lines. It keeps your network always stay connected as needed and effectively utilizes WAN bandwidth. You take full control of your WAN since day one.


  • Increase WAN reliability and availability
  • Increase Internet Bandwidth
  • Improve availability and response time for external requests
  • Improve site-to-site VPN resiliency
  • Increase site-to-site bandwidth
  • Lower upfront investment on WAN for business
  • Provide high scalability up to 52 WAN linKs
  • Scalable distributed network
  • Reduce bandwidth cost
  • Ensure continuity for business-critical applications
  • Improve efficiency of bandwidth utilization
  • Provide data center failover and continuity
  • Mitigate network failure due to hardware failure
  • Prevent potential threats to business networks
  • Provide network usage analysis¬†
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