Intelligent Multi-WAN Enterprise Routers

As business grows, enterprises might find that wired Internet connections is not available at the locations where opportunities are found. Some of the branch locations might have cable available, some might have DSL, and some might have no wired broadband connection at all. Pricing would have varied from location to location depending on availability and provider. Each technology would have required different hardware and connection protocols all of which would have increased support and cost. The followings are the main challenges businesses face when expanding and managing their networks:

  • Lack of broadband availability at those locations
  • Insufficient bandwidth, reliability, etc.
  • Deployments delayed due to IT complexity
  • Traditional private network does not support hybrid cloud

Enterprises and corporate networks face a growing demand to increase resiliency and bandwidth for the users, application servers, and backhaul between headquarters and branch offices. Applying multiple low-cost technologies such as DSL, Cable and LTE into a seamless WAN seems to be common solutions in today's business networks. Yet, it also comes with complexities. To keep business stay ahead, they have to be constantly evolving their networks. They are now still being challenged to:

  • Provide redundant and reliable Internet connectivity
  • Provide cost-effective and reliable VPN access
  • Provide sufficient bandwidth to assure application performance
  • Ensure access of internal application servers for external requests

Q-Balancer is the solution to all these challenges aforementioned. The solution enables business to be connected with a variety of wired and wireless technologies; all these WAN technologies can be directly attached to Q-Balancer and work concurrently. With intelligent algorithms inbuilt, it is able to dynamically control all available WAN paths based on the actual need. Q-Balancer helps business instantly deploy Internet access at all business locations and stay connected with nearly 100% uptime. This makes business stay connected as needed even if some of the WAN lines fail or are temporarily unavailable.

Q-Balancer transforms inexpensive broadband lines into an enterprise-grade WAN. The solution improves performance for business-critical applications using a granular policy-based control on a combination of WAN connections. Better WAN performance is achieved through its policy-based routing, which effectively harness all available WAN links. You take full control of your WAN since day one.


Hybrid WAN
Q-Balancer Hybrid-WAN technology enables business to be using a combination of public and private data lines, which makes WAN more flexible and reliable. The Hybrid-WAN technology results in improved WAN performance, and is ideal for businesses that need a highly scalable and secure WAN.

Internet Load Balancing & Failover
Q-Balancer's intelligent algorithms is able to find the most responsive or least-loaded links by working with the granular policy setting. Enterprises benefit from faster access as WAN links are always smartly selected when outgoing requests arise. The solution ensures uninterrupted WAN connectivity with its failover mechanism, which automatically routes traffic down the remaining active WAN links in the event of link failure.

Expand Your Business with No Limits
By efficiently aggregating multiple low-cost Internet circuits rather than using an expensive MPLS or leased-line, increased bandwidth and cost down can be achieved at the same time. Q-Balancer enables business to significantly maximize WAN performance from any network scenario, and incrementally scale up bandwidth as needed. No limit when corporate or branch networks are demanding more bandwidth.

Inbound Load Balancing
Q-Balancer's Inbound Load Balancing mechanism ensures connectivity of incoming requests to hosted services because it enables incoming requests to visit enterprise hosted web, email or VPN servers through available WAN links. Multiple WAN links can be concurrently utilized without complex configuration or programming. Bandwidth can be added and removed quickly and easily. It provides customers a better user experience as hosting services will be always reliable and faster.

Site-to-Site WAN Connectivity
Because of high cost, limited bandwidth and availability, long lead time and contract terms, distributed businesses are looking for alternatives to MPLS or leased lines when expanding business. Plus, broadband lines offer large amounts of bandwidth for lower cost and more favorable terms, and are often highly available. Q-Balancer SD-WAN delivers better WAN performance with aggregated broadband lines at a fraction of the cost of a traditional leased line, and its deployment comes with minimal impact.


  • Increase WAN reliability and performance
  • Improve availability and response time for incoming requests to application servers
  • Ensure site-to-site WAN connectivity
  • Increase site-to-site WAN bandwidth
  • Lower upfront investment on WAN
  • Ensure data center with network continuity
  • Centrally manage and distribute business-related traffic
  • Expand distributed network flexibly
  • Ensure continuity for business-critical applications
  • Improve efficiency of bandwidth utilization
  • Offload Internet traffic from MPLS networks
  • Prevent network disruption caused by a single point of failure
  • Reduce bandwidth cost
  • Mitigate potential threats
  • Provide network usage analysis
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