Add WAN Cost-effectively, Seamlessly, and Rapidly

For enterprises or large organizations, there are issues such as link bottlenecks or line failures or inefficient bandwidth utilization causing network disruption. Our Q-Balancer is designed to help business minimize or even prevent network downtime.

Large Enterprise

As an IT Manager in a large organization where employees work from home or anywhere in the world, videoconferencing or VoIP helps your organization to communicate. Besides, it's very likely  that data is the critical factor for success. To reduce the downtime caused by Internet disruption, applying extra WAN links might be a solution.


Public Sector

Maintaining a fine balance between cost control and efficient, secure Internet access is a key challenge for government departments and agencies. Our Q-Balancer solutions are not only cost-effective, but are highly scalable too.

Service Provider & Data Center

For the transmission in business world today, large files and bandwidth-intensive applications are gaining popularity. DSL and Cable broadband provide good value but have inherent limitations.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise

As a small and medium size enterprise(SME), efficiency and productivity are the keys to making sure your business remains competitive. Sticking to your IT budget is one way to remain cost-efficient, but what happens when your demands change - do you need to spend more just to keep up?


Branch Office

Branch offices face a number of critical challenges in today’s rapidly changing business environment. As the need of branch expansion grows, business might find that there is no wired Internet connections available where opportunities are found. 


The construction sector faces a number of critical challenges in rapidly changing environment today, and is fundamentally changing the way it uses and requires data connectivity. As the need of site connectivity grows, construction sector might find that there is no wired Internet connections for their projects.

Live Streaming

Live video on film production locations uses local fixed line connectivity. However, if filming live video at a location without fixed line connectivity available, then 4G network is probably only choice left to make it work for now.



In retail industry PoS(point of sale) systems can be as simple as the equivalent of an electronic cash register, used to make and record a sale. However PoS systems can also be linked into back-office stock control and ordering. As a result, connectivity for a store is now critical and a single circuit of Internet is no longer a sensible way to backhaul your PoS systems.


The modern manufacturer relies on the Internet to keep their critical infrastructures connected and operational as it employs numerous applications, ranging from real-time and cloud-based applications, and Internet-of-Things (IoT). Each of these contributes to a safer, smarter, more efficient manufacturing network landscape than ever before.