Expand Your Business Anywhere by Bonding Bandwidth of Multiple Cellular Services

As lots of businesses expand their branch business to outdoor and remote areas, the demand for Internet connectivity there will grow drastically in the future.

However, broadband services are usually quite limited to the outdoor and remote areas; wireless Internet lines can be a solution to it. The wireless Internet lines come with issues such as bandwidth fluctuation, unpredictable latency, packet loss, inadequate speed, reliability, costly charges, and security.

The Q-Balancer Mesh is the solution that helps remote and outdoor business run with no disruption. The appliance is equipped with up to four industrial 4G LTE modems other than GbE Ports, and so a variety of Internet lines such as cellular lines, broadband lines, and leased lines can be directly attached to it at the same time. The intelligent algorithm inside the appliance is able to ensure the cloud continuity and enhance network performance by highly utilizing bandwidth of all available Internet lines.

Link Resiliency

With multiple Internet lines connected, wired and wireless, the appliance is able to ensure cloud continuity by constantly monitoring link status and eliminating the failed lines in the event of line failure.

Live Video Transmission

XBond is a Q-Balancer's patent pending technology, which is a bandwidth bonding engine that increases transmission speed by intelligently splitting packets across available WAN links. The XBond is able to stream live HD video from anywhere with up to four bonded 4G LTE lines.


Cost Effective Solution for Scalable Deployments

The Q-Balancer Mesh is a compact-design multi-cellular router – ideal for scalable networks. The compact design allows the Q-Balancer Mesh to fit into existing enclosures used in substation automation, distribution automation, roadside and oil & gas applications. As a cost effective solution for business, it works for remote and branch offices wherever needed at a low upfront cost.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

For the equipments deployed at remote and branch offices, it is difficult to access for monitoring and maintenance because the wired Internet access there normally is quite limited. The Q-Balancer Mesh facilitates the remote maintenance by offering multiple 4G LTE from different providers other than wired Internet access. This facilitates the access to the units deployed at the remote and branch offices.

Instant Deployment

Wi-Fi users can be connected to the Internet via Q-Balancer Mesh inbuilt AP; the configuration can be done prior to actual installation. This offers instant deployment and Internet access by simply powering on the Q-Balancer Mesh, and then users can immediately access Internet.

Enterprise-level Features

The Q-Balancer Mesh comes with all-in-one enterprise-level features although it is designed for remote and branch offices. Your business is well-protected everywhere. 

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