Cellular Bandwidth Bonding

The Q-Balancer Mesh is incorporated with up to four inbuilt 4G LTE modems, making Internet access easier and more stable. It is capable of achieving link resiliency and highest uplink performance by efficiently distributing traffic across multiple WAN links with its intelligent algorithms. Cost effective solution for large scale deployments. The Q-Balancer Mesh comes with ruggedized hardware and high throughput to deliver the quality and performance you really need.

Quality Uplink Speed 

By intelligently distributing traffic across multiple uplinks, the Q-Balancer Mesh offers high quality video transmission over 4G LTE networks from cameras to servers.

Cost Effective Solution for Scalable Deployments 

The Q-Balancer Mesh is a compact cellular router – ideal for scalable and hierarchical networks, capable of transporting data from both 4G LTE cellular network and Ethernet-based network.

Link Resiliency 

The Q-Balancer Mesh uses Ethernet and cellular connections simultaneously. The ability to connect multiple and heterogeneous link enables load balancing and link redundancy, allowing seamless failover in the event of link failure. 

Enterprise-level Features 

The Q-Balancer Mesh comes with all-in-one enterprise features although it is designed for outdoor. Your business starts expanding once the Q-Balnacer Mesh is deployed.

Instant Deployment 

For Wi-Fi users an optional Wi-Fi dongle can be connected to the Q-Balancer Mesh, and makes Q-Balancer work as LAN Gateway. This offers convenience and instant deployment as Q-Balancer allows users to access Internet without being attached to itself by any cable.

Industrial Durability 

The Q-Balancer Mesh is built to endure harsh environment, and is able to perform wherever your business is.

Space Saving Installation 

The Q-Balancer Mesh's small form factor allows it to fit into existing enclosures used in substation automation, distribution automation, roadside and oil & gas applications.

Reduced Maintenance Costs 

The IT equipments deployed at the remote stations and branch offices are difficult to access and maintain because the wired Internet access there normally is hardly available. The Q-Balancer Mesh facilitates the remote maintenance by offering multiple cellular access other than wired Internet access. This facilitates the maintenance to the units deployed at the remote stations and branch offices where ADSL is usually not available. 

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