Stay Connected on The Move

The Q-Balancer MV is an In-vehicle router, which is incorporated with multiple SIM slots, Wi-Fi access, link resiliency, bandwidth aggregation, and advanced network security mechanisms. The ruggedized design allows the appliance itself being highly protected against vibrations, shock, dust, and wide temperature operating range.

Public Transit

The requirements of reliable connectivity for vehicles are drastically increasing, either the vehicles are in motion or stationed. It covers Internet services for passengers, on board safety and security, direct communication with traffic control centers, etc. 

First Responder

Police cars, ambulances, fire engines, and other first responders need flexible mobile connectivity, which has to be reliable even in harsh environment.



For the maritime industry, the requirements to provide high speed and reliable Internet access to crews and guests on board is evolving quickly, yet finding a cost-effective solution in this business application does not seem to be easy.