Web Cache

The Q-Balancer's Web Cache is designed to accelerate the network performance of small to medium enterprise, branch offices, and educational networks by keeping up with volatile demand, avoiding network congestion while maintaining service functionality and profitability. The Q-Balancer's Web Cache acts as the enterprise’s network memory, keeping as much traffic as possible, and thus reduces the utilization of WAN connectivity. 

Bandwidth Reduction

Business may be battling against the continuous need to upgrade bandwidth and the associated costs. By caching application content, business enjoys mitigating the demand of bandwidth used on frequently-used or popular content rather than downloading the same content each time a user requests it. 

Application Acceleration

The huge loads on the network, particularly during demand spikes, results in congestion, latency and cost. The Q-Balancer Web Cache reduces the amount of bandwidth used and delivers a higher quality of service to business networks. This improves customer satisfaction, retains a larger customer base, and ultimately drive profitability. 


  • Reduces bandwidth consumption by caching repeatedly accessed content
  • Improves network latency which increases customer satisfaction
  • Improves the content delivery for such as education and training
  • Mitigates the need for costly network upgrades