WAN Load Balancing

Outbound Load Balancing

The Outbound Load Balancing of Q-Balancer intelligently aggregates multiple Internet connections to speed up the application delivery. A variety of algorithms provided by Q-Balancer will find the most active and the fastest link so as to optimize the utilization of bandwidth.

Increased Capacity of Bandwidth

Q-Balancer sharply dispatches the connections across the links based on the algorithms defined. Greater speed of Internet performance can be provided as best performing and least-loaded links are always selected when requests come up. By combining multiple low-cost ADSL links, enterprises enjoy increased capacity of bandwidth without upgrading the infrastructure.


Q-Balancer gauges the status of routing path and dispatches traffic through the responsive links. This means Q-Balancer provides the fastest link and absolutely accessible path for each connection.


Q-Balancer is capable to aggregate the legacy and newly deployed links and enables business to deploy extra WAN Links incrementally as business grows. This helps business minimize the upfront investment on Internet access.