Server Load Balancing & Fault Tolerance

Ensuring online applications to be able to serve customers with minimal downtime is always one of main concerns to IT department. Besides, IT department has to have a thorough plan to enhance the efficiency of network, speed up the response time of online applications, and alleviate the possible server downtime. Scheduled server maintenance also cause certain level of impact, and IT department has to take it into consideration when planning to prevent and mitigate downtime. 

Q-Balancer's Server Load Balancing (SLB) technology is specially designed and aimed at full time operation of application services, optimized response of server farms, load balancing, full-time health check of server, server failure alarm, server failover and fallback, etc.

Q-Balancer's SLB technology is capable of monitoring server health to determine that application servers are not only reachable but alive. It automatically removes downed servers from the server pool and re-distributes traffic among the remaining active servers. The incoming requests to servers will be efficiently distributed, and so as to increase server availability. Q-Balancer's SLB technology comes with four inbuilt algorithms that include Weighted Round Robin, Weighted Least Connection, By Source IP, and By Destination.


  • Increased reliability and availability for multi-site deployments
  • Faster server responsiveness
  • Complying regulatory and security requirements
  • Delivering localized content
  • Better user experience