Monitoring & Reporting

Q-Balancer is incorporated with Viewflow, which is a monitoring and reporting mechanism that offers visibility to insight the network usage. Q-Balancer Viewflow is a report system that allows IT team to easily monitor and analyze the Q-Balancer SD-WAN appliances with its visibility into activity within organizations.

Rather than configure each site individually, Q-Balancer Viewflow lets you configure the network as a whole, which speeds up the configuration process, and collect the traffic logs from the entire network. Centralized configuration minimizes administrative effort and operational cost associated with monitoring Q-Balancer SD-WAN.

By leveraging its intuitive graphical interface, you can see who and what is consuming bandwidth resource in real time. It records activity on the network, and provides a number of analytical reports in a variety of angles for different needs. The report can be user-defined and sent out to specific recipient by schedule. With the historical view and real-time information from the network, fault finding, troubleshooting, network and capacity planning, ROI analysis and SLA confirmation can be accurately done.


  • Providing real-time and historical view
  • Scheduled reports 
  • Helping fault finding and troubleshooting
  • Easing network and application performance management