High Availability

Minimizing network downtime and service interruptions is often a high priority for IT department. Regardless how reliable your network systems being designed, hardware failure can still bring down your network or your services. Implementing High Availability for IT infrastructure is a useful strategy to reduce the impact of hardware failure.

In Q-Balancer's High Availability, two units, the primary and the secondary, are installed in parallel. These units are in constant communication, and so the secondary will be able to instantly detect whether the primary is available or offline. The secondary will automatically take over network traffic in the event the primary becomes unavailable. This provides timely backup and nearly 100% uptime for business network in case the primary unit fails.

Q-Balancer’s High Availability keeps the online services as accessible as possible, even in the case of a partial server failure. The High Availability is definitely a key to successfully setting up a robust networks.


  • Fault tolerance for unexpected hardware failure
  • Preventing enterprises from losing revenue caused by unexpected downtime
  • Simplify maintenance for planned downtime