Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a widely deployed technology for building a secure communication over an IP network between branch offices and headquarters. It is a way to avoid security breaches and data-leakage, which could result in loss to business.

VPN has become one of the most powerful tools for privacy by encrypting communications as there is a greater need for encrypting communication than ever before. By creating encrypted tunnels for all data to pass through, security and data integrity is maximized from intrusion and malicious intent.

Q-Balancer’s VPN is ideal for establishing a secure communication over any WAN links while ensuring efficient and confidential communication between different branch offices, suppliers and business partners is crucial for business today. It is incorporated with IPsec and other conventional tunneling protocols such as PPTP and L2TP. Q-Balancer ensures that your VPN tunnels are robust and work over almost any type of Internet connection. Through the Q-Balancer’s VPN, VPN is in combination with Load Balancing, which allows you to use multiple Internet lines either simultaneously or as primary and secondary links. Best thing is that you won't even notice in the event one of the links is down because the VPN failover happens seamlessly.

Q-Balancer allows you to plug in WAN links from any provider and get more site-to-site WAN bandwidth instantly. This can be done as business grows or anytime, which keeps your upfront costs under control.

Easy Set-up
Quick configuration can be done on all your devices via the graphical user interfaces.

Uncompromised Security
You have the confidence to know that all data is being shared confidentially as it passes through your network.


  • Support IPSec VPN to work with third party VPN
  • VPN Tunnels can be built on dynamic and private IP
  • Failover seamlessly
  • Load sharing across multiple VPN tunnels
  • Scalability on demand
  • Secure and reliable