Q-Balancer is incorporated with a policy-based firewall, which controls traffic based on IP, Port, and applications. The appliance comes with the feature of Denial of Service(DoS) Prevention to protects users against DoS attacks like PING flooding, SYN flooding, Port Scan, Connection Overflow, etc. 

With the policy-based firewall, network administrators can quickly and easily create firewall rules to allow and deny traffic based on traffic type, source, destination IP address/network, port, protocol, etc. This is extremely useful for troubleshoot network related issues to see where traffic is going and which ports it is using.

With full NAT (Network Address Translation) the Q-Balancer appliances also provide a flexible configuration environment. Support for port address translation and one-to-one address translation is included. The Q-Balancer appliances also feature DMZ and secure routed subnet capabilities by utilizing the DMZ interface options within the appliance.

Q-Balancer provides the highest level of VPN Security with fault tolerance,and VPN bonding. By deploying Q-Balancer into their networks, business can establish VPNs anywhere in the world and still get the highest quality of service using local providers.


  • Policy-based packet filtering
  • Application, user and device control
  • Domain name filtering
  • Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Protection
  • Enterprise-grade VPN
  • Easy deployment