Multi-Path QoS

When mission-critical applications slow down enough, businesses would have to invest in bigger bandwidth. However, more bandwidth means bigger bills month after month.

Q-Balancer gives you granular control over how IP traffic transmits across your network, and as a result, it helps you control WAN costs. You can reduce bandwidth requirements and bottlenecking issues by allocating bandwidth to specific business applications and limiting bandwidth to business-unrelated traffic using QoS.

More specifically, QoS bandwidth management allows you to control traffic flows on a network so that traffic does not exceed network capacity, which could result in network congestion, and also allows you to allocate bandwidth for certain types of traffic and for applications and users. With QoS, you can enforce bandwidth for traffic on a narrow or a broad scale. Other than bandwidth allocation, QoS can also prioritize traffic by types so the business-critical applications gets the bandwidth they needs to cross the network unhindered by the unimportant traffic.

By and large, Q-Balancer's QoS mitigates abuse of bandwidth and mindless bandwidth upgrades. And the connectivity cost is also reduced. The bandwidth control over multiple WAN lines results in an improved user experience and productivity. Today, even if bandwidth is plentiful, businesses may still implement QoS anyway to make doubly sure that VoIP, video, and other mission-critical applications work properly without over-provisioning bandwidth.


  • Providing granular control over IP traffic
  • Guaranteeing bandwidth for business-critical applications
  • Prioritizing latency-sensitive applications
  • Limiting bandwidth for business unrelated traffic
  • Saving money from unnecessary bandwidth upgrade