IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack Network

The evolution of the Internet to IPv6 will directly affect businesses because they will have to communicate with their customers, partners, and suppliers over an IPv6 network. However, some legacy equipment and applications may never support IPv6, and will have to either be replaced or will require ongoing support as IT budgets permit. During this transition period, most business networks will need to deal with the coexistence between IPv6 and IPv4.

Q-Balancer understands both IPv6 and IPv4, and is capable of processing IPv4 and IPv6 traffic simultaneously. Through Q-Balancer’s networking feature for dual stack networksboth types of traffic can simultaneously reach IPv4 and IPv6 content respectively on the business networks. For business migrating to IPv6 while keeping the legacy devices on IPv4, Q-Balancer ensures network continuity with networking features such as NAT64, DNS64, NAT66 and policy routing.


  • Dual stack on WAN and LAN
  • Supporting networking features for both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Supporting gradual migration from IPv4 to IPv6 for user devices, applications, and network equipment