Live Streaming

Live streaming on film production locations uses local fixed line connections. However, if filming live video at a location without fixed line connections available, then 4G LTE network is probably only cost-effective choice left to make it work for now. The IT departments of the sectors have been challenged with:

  • The need of instant deployment for Internet access
  • Unpredicted network downtime
  • Insufficient bandwidth for video transmission
  • Issues of WAN latency and reliability

Q-Balancer provides the live-streaming sector with the ability to aggregate multiple WAN lines, which makes everything and everyone in the event stay connected with minimal downtime. Via the XBond (our patent-pending bandwidth bonding technology), a resilient bigpipe, using bonded 4G LTE lines, will be offered while bandwidth-demanding live events such as marketing, E-learning, news, sports, etc are being delivered. Q-Balancer automatically aggregates all connected 4G LTE links to generate fast and smooth video transmission wherever the event is. This helps break the geographic limits of live streaming and makes Q-Balancer an alternative solution to expensive leased line or satellite.

Increased Bandwidth
Our XBond technology aggregates multiple broadband lines into a high-speed WAN. This makes the aggregated broadband lines into a virtual leased line, which delivers sufficient bandwidth to run real-time applications and video.

Reliable Connectivity & Increased Availability
Q-Balancer’s multi-WAN connectivity enables multiple, inexpensive wired and wireless broadband lines to be aggregated into a high-speed WAN. This provides live streaming with increased availability and reliability.

Cost Saving
Its ability to aggregate multiple inexpensive Internet connections really helps retail industry to build a secure and high-speed WAN, which increases IT efficiency and reduces costs. Once Q-Balancer is in place, expensive Internet lines can be soon replaced or idle by adding low-cost 4G LTE or broadband lines. This brings live streaming industry a substantial cost saving without compromising the quality.

Centralized Management
Centralize Management allows user to manage and monitor real-time status and health for video-to-HQ traffic from the single console.

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